French dialogue at the Doctor's

Here is a  French conversation between a patient and the doctor.


Here is a list of French vocabulary  about  going to the doctor                                           

Listen to these French words

  • une toux - a cough                                                          
  • le ventre - the stomach                    
  • je dois aller - I must go                    
  • le dos - the back                               
  • Je tousse - I cough                           
  • malade - sick                                                       
  • mal à la gorge - sore throat             
  • un rhume - a cold
  • une grippe - the flu
  • la fièvre - fever
  • le médecin - the doctor
  • une ordonnance - a prescription
  • chez le médecin - at the doctor's
  • un rendez-vous - an appointment
  • des pastilles - some lozenges
  • J 'ai besoin de - I need
  • Des démangeaisons- a itch
  • ce matin - this morning
  • pendant la nuit - during the night
  • ça me pique - it is itchy
  • des rougeurs - a rash
  • la gorge - the throat
  • un médicament - some medicine

Compréhension orale

J'ai mal à la gorge. J'ai besoin de médicaments ou de pastilles. Je tousse beaucoup pendant la nuit. J'ai aussi des démangeaisons, ça me pique partout. J'ai des rougeurs sur le ventre et sur le dos. Je dois aller chez le médecin ce matin.

Question 1. Where is she sore?

Question 2. What does she needs?

Question 3. What is wrong with her during the night?

Question 4. What is a démangeaison?

Question 5. Where does she have a rash on her body?

Question 6. Where does she has to go in the morning?


Transcription in English

I have a sore throat. I need medicine or lozenges.I cough a lot during the night. I have a itch, I am itchy all over. I have a rash on my stomach and my back.I must go to the doctor this morning


Bon rétablissement!=Get well soon!

Practice listening to French with audio

Ma routine quotidienne audio+ texte

Je me réveille à six heures, je me lève puis je prends une douche. A six heures et demie je m'habille. Ensuite je déjeune et à sept heures et demi et je vais à l'école. J'arrive à lécole à huit heures. Je finis l'école à trois heures. Je fais mes devoirs à quatre heures. Je dîne à six heures. Je regarde la télévision à sept heures. Je me couche à huit heures et demie.


My daily routine

I wake up at six o'clock. I get up. Then I have a shower. At six thirty I get dressed. Then I have breakfast. A seven thirty I go to school. I arrive at school at  eight o'clock. I finish school at three o'clock. I do my homework at four o'clock. I have dinner at six o'clock. I watch television at seven o' clock. I go to bed at eight thirty.

When we speak we often say the time such as trois heures (3 o'clock) instead  of using 15 heures ( hours). For more formal situation such as timetable we use the 24 hour clock.

 Apprendre = to learn

Apprendre = to learn

5 great tips to learn French in 2018

Learn French and Speak French

Learning French has been known to have several advantages.In the workforce knowing a second language opens the doors to work in different Francophone countries. Learning French develops an understanding of other cultures and helps you communicate while travelling. The learning of a language has been known to delay onset of dementia as it keeps your brain active and engaged. Learning French in small groups allows you socialise while learning a language.

To have another language is to possess a second soul
— Charlemagne

1.Listen more !

 Watch French films and television programs, You Tube clips, download free apps. Duolingo is a free app and a good resource to learn French. Practice writing some phrases in your own language and translate them to French.

2. Speak French with a French native speaker

Find opportunities to immerse yourself in French while travelling to French speaking country or talking with a French native speaker. There is also lots of conversation groups that you can join for small fees. The best thing is even if you are time poor there are a lot of opportunities to meet people either face to face or online to chat or do French lessons.

A man who knows two languages is worth two men.

3.  Positive Mindset about learning French

Forget about how you felt when you learnt French when you were young, if it was a bad experience or you had a bad French teacher. When learning French you need to be positive toward learning and not fear making mistakes or fearing being judged. You need to have a go at speaking and making the new French sounds. Speaking French involves having your mouth, lips, tongue working differently and you ears listening to new sounds. You do create a visual memory when you speak a new language. Vouloir c'est pouvoir!  Where there is will there is a way!

A different language is a different vision of life

4. Repetition Repetition and Repetition

Learning to speak French is about repetition. Repeat the word, write the word down, listen to the word and use it again in different situations and do the same with some phrases. 

The limits of my language are the limits of my world

5. Focus on listening to words in French

As a lot of my students tell me they can read and understand the written words or phrases in French as some words are spelled the same way as in English but the sound is very different!  For some expressions you can learn them by imagining the feeling! I mean if you are hot in French we say J'ai chaud! which translates as I have heat. Imagine being hot which is easy at the moment in Australia so practice to say J'ai chaud!.

To have another language is to possess a second soul.

10 Basic French pronunciation tips for travel

Have  you ever found yourself  trying to ask the basic questions in French and not be able to be understood? I agree with you that it can get frustrating so i decide to put together a list of some useful and basic French phrases with pronunciation audio which will help you communicate with locals when travelling to France or other French countries. Being able to say some basic vocabulary will be appreciated when chatting with the locals. The locals really like when tourist make an effort to try to speak French.



1. Je voudrais une baguette s'il vous plait

I would like a baguette please


2. Où est la tour Eiffel?

Where is the Eiffel tower?


3. Je voudrais l'addition s'il vous plait

I would like the bill please


4. Pouvez vous répétez s'il vous plait

Could you repeat please?


5. Je voudrais un billet aller-retour pour Paris s'il vous plait. C'est combien?

I would like a return ticket for Paris please. How much is it?

un billet aller simple

a single ticket


6. A quelle heure part le train pour Bordeaux?

At what time is the train for Bordeaux?


7.Bonjour - hello    Bonsoir - good evening

Salut - hi           Au revoir - good bye


8. S'il vous plait - please

 Merci - Thank you


9. Je voudrais acheter un cadeau de Noël

Où est le magasin le plus proche?

I would like to buy a Christmas present where is the closest shop?


10. les villes -The cities in France- Lille - Paris- Strasbourg- Lyon -Nice- Montpellier Marseille- Toulouse- Rennes- Nantes

The limits of my language means the limit of my world
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Our Noumea Trip in July 2017

We had a 5 days of French immersion ,enjoying the sights, speaking French with the locals and sharing some great memories! The week allowed us to immerse in French and visit the local markets , shop in French ,visit Amedee island,the aquarium and the the Djibaou cultural center learning about the local culture.We stayed 5 minutes walk to the beach and restaurants and the local French patisserie. We did some French lessons to help us get around the city.The trip was great and so close to Brisbane ! less then 2 hours by plane.

Do you Fear speaking French?

I wanted to discuss this topic as this issue I believe is quite frequent when students are learning a new language. The fear is quite real for many students learning a language.

I have been Teaching French for several years and I have been able to observe adults and children learning French. I have seen students trying to repeat words and try to make phrases and simply having a go. I have also seen several students telling me that they will try to repeat the words only when they know how to pronounce the words. The fear of speaking the language is often due to the fact that those students worry about what other people might think or say. Overcoming that fear is very important in the acquisition of a language.

I do believe that when a student tries to  say the words in a foreign language out loud they get a mental memory of the sounds of the words. The sound of vowels that you will say might not be exactly like a French native speaker but as long as you are able to say the words and being understood that is the first step to be able to communicate. The student does not need to learn the correct spelling at first but should try to hear and repeat the sound. You will learn to speak French in trying to speak French. This article is written based  on my own personal experiences as a French teacher.


Learning a langage opens so many doors 

French Immersion week end 25-27 August 2017

The week end will take place at Flaxton near Montville on the Sunshine coast. From Friday night until Sunday morning.Saturday program will include lessons ,games, role play.Listening to French songs, conversation, French movie.The weekend accommodation is in two houses located near each other.The lessons will take place in the main house called Casa di Natura.The group is limited to 10 students. The students will experience a dinner at the local French restaurant.The breakfast are included in the cost and the French lessons.


Akala views

French holiday Lessons


If you looking for something to do during the school holidays .I will be running some French lessons for children's at Holland Park from the 3rd to the 5th April. Adult lessons will also be available for adults over the school holidays. The children's lesson will include stories, songs, craft all running in French. The adults lessons will still be running in cafes or another suitable location.Why not get a group of people together to have French lessons ?

contact Let's Speak French for more info