I created Let's Speak French to share my love of the French language.

I Iove speaking French and helping others to learn this beautiful language.

I am passionate about sharing my culture and being able to assist students in learning French.

 Lise Mariano

individual and group
affordable french lessons in brisbane

Why choose to study with Let's Speak French?

Let's Speak French Brisbane - Affordable French lessons in Brisbane, choose from cafe class, private tutoring or more!
  • Native French speaker, qualified teacher with experience

  • Choose your preferred learning module - individual, small group or in a café

  • Small group lessons make it easier and faster to learn

  • Enjoy conversational lesson in a café with ability to pay as you go

  • All lessons friendly, dynamic, fun, engaging and interactive

  • Individual lessons tailored to your needs.

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french lessons brisbane

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